Faculty and Staff

“You have been called to teach. This is a vocation, a Christian vocation. There, at your teacher’s chair and desk, God has called you by name to an indispensable service to the truth.” — St. John Paul II, October 4, 2001

ajballouDr. A.J. Ballou
Social Studies

wbeckloMr. Wesley Becklo
Catholic Theology

Mrs. Maura Bresnahan
Health Clinic

Mrs. Jennifer Canzano
Admissions & Development

Mr. John Delea
Catholic Theology

Mrs. Molly Drane
World Languages

rfishMr. Richard Fish
Performing Arts

Mr. Greg Folino
Athletic Trainer

Mr. Joe Gaudet
Chair, Mathematics

Mrs. Karen Godfrey
Leadership Studies

Mr. John Goulet
Catholic Theology

Mr. Christopher Keavy
Head of School

Mrs. Margaret Keras
Business Manager

Mr. Alan Lynch
Chair, Catholic Theology
Campus Minister

Mrs. Terri Medeiros
World Langauges

Mr. James Remillard

Mrs Amy Santos
Assistant to AD

Mr. Mark Santos
Athletic Director
Head Baseball Coach

Mrs. Fanny Singer
World Langauges

Mr. Mark Tanguay
Guidance Director

Ms. Mona Lisa Valentino
Assistant Principal

Ms. Nicole Voci
Social Studies