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The Arts at JPII

The arts at St. John Paul II High School enjoy a place of prominence in school life befitting their integral role in developing the whole person. Led by dedicated and talented visual and performing and visual arts faculty members, JPII students perform and create and in so doing expand their God-given talents and abilities.

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Welcome to Performing Arts

The Performing Arts Department at St. John Paul II High School strives to provide the highest-quality instruction possible in the areas of drama, music, musical theater and technical theater.


Musical Theater Workshop

This course is designed to enhance the performance ability of the musical theater student progressively in the areas of acting, singing, and movement in both an ensemble and solo environment. Emphasis will be placed upon the long-term development of the portfolio of the student for college and professional auditions.

Technical Theater Class

The Technical Theater Class strives to instruct students in all aspects of Technical Theater relevant to the Performing Arts. As such, instruction will be primarily experiential, though academic instruction will also occur with the texts and tests/quizzes.

Fall Play

The Fall Play at SJPII is a main stage dramatic event produced in early November. Attention to the classics of Western Theater is given to promote the dramatic and ensemble growth of each member of the cast, and the Drama Club as a whole. Examples of past works include Arsenic and Old Lace and The Diary of Anne Frank.

Winter Play Workshop

This smaller ensemble workshop allows students to explore a variety of dramatic literature that might otherwise be unknown to high school students for a variety of reasons. Small productions of these plays may occur, though not at the main stage level. Emphasis on quality and variety of styles and periods is a strong part of this program.

Spring Musical

This is the largest single production of the Performing Arts Department at our school. As such, it is the culminating work of the year for the high school, involving nearly all aspects of the Performing Arts Program. Emphasis is placed upon the production of the strongest musical theater literature possible, with an eye to developing a comprehensive resume for college for our students who choose musical theater or the like as a career path.

Jazz Band

The Jazz Band is the premier instrumental performing ensemble at SJPII High School. It endeavors to expose students to the standards of the Jazz repertoire, as well as other contemporary standards. Emphasis is placed upon the development of the young musician as both a soloist and ensemble player.

Concert Choir

The Concert Choir is a highly visible performing ensemble that represents St. John Paul II High School both locally and throughout the Northeastern United States. It exposes students to a wide variety of choral literature, from Gregorian chant and sacred polyphony, through modern Broadway Standards and contemporary popular selections. The Concert Choir tours annually, both locally, and to places such as New York City.

Girls Chamber Choir

This SSA ensemble showcases the highest level of singing at SJPII for treble voices. As such, a wide variety of choral literature will be explored. This ensemble performs and tours with the Concert Choir, as well as at times of its own.

Mixed Chamber Choir

Moderator: Mr. Richard Fish

This SATB (soprano, alto, tenor, bass) ensemble is the Honor Choir of SJPIIHS and showcases the highest level of mixed voice singing. As such, it is by audition only, and features the most challenging choral literature available for small ensemble singing.

Solo Class and Solo Night

Solo Night, performed with professional jazz/rock band, is the culmination of months of group solo preparation in a variety of styles. Solo Class is open to all high school students. Solo Class provides quality experience prior to auditions for the spring musical.

Mentoring Program

High school students may mentor middle school students in a variety of areas.

All Cape and Southeast Festivals

All students at all levels are invited to audition for these festivals. Parents must attend festivals with their children so that direct supervision occurs at all venues.

Performing Arts Certificate Program

This program rewards excellence and participation on the part of our Performing Arts students throughout their career at SJPII High School. Each Performing Arts offering, including classes and activities, is given a point value. Students accrue points during their tenure at SJPII, and are eligible for bronze, silver, gold, and highest award honors once they attain the required number of points.

Welcome to Visual Arts

The ability to interpret the world visually is an important skill and useful across all academic disciplines,. Our goal is to teach students to see their world. There are many visual arts courses to choose from and no matter what your ability, you are welcomed and encouraged to take art classes.


Foundations in Visual Arts

This course introduces students to a variety of media and design concepts with a strong emphasis on drawing and art history.

Painting and Design I & II

Students explore techniques in acrylic, watercolor and printmaking.

Digital Media I & II

This course focuses on skills in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign, with an eye toward creating both commercial and fine art digital work.

3D Design

Students experiment with sculpture using wire, clay, papier mache, found objects, and more.

Advanced Drawing

Students are challenged by more complicated subject matter and advanced techniques using pencil, charcoal and pastel.

Portfolio Development

This is an independent, student-driven and designed course for advanced and motivated art students looking to create a cohesive body of work.